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Beauty Disasters Competition!!

Beauty Disasters Competition!!

We asked you to tell us your funniest beauty disasters and we have picked our favourite 5.

But before we get into it, I asked around the office to see if anyone at the UC HQ had anything to offer up.

The Office:

Sasha: I was doing my makeup whilst driving (don’t do this!) and I had the eyelash curlers on when I suddenly had to break and I jolted forward ripping out all my eyelashes. My eye was bald. I had to wear falsies until they grew back.


MelBlue: I thought my eyelashes were too long in school so I cut them all off short and then they grew back even longer. (I did the exact same thing after some girls told me mine were too long and looked like spiderlegs on my eyes)

Honourable mentions:

 It was 2 days before my wedding so I had a night of pampering doing some DIY preparations with a few of my girlfriend's. The bubbles were flowing and I carefully spread on a neat line of hot wax with a spatula underneath my brow, following its perfect shape. Pressed down hard, but obviously too hard with the wax strip, spreading the wax onto my entire brow and whipped off my entire right eyebrow. 2 days before my wedding day. - Laura


I recently started to wear falsies and my cousin's wedding was coming so my smartass decided to make sure that they'll stay put all night long and glue them on with a nail glue from Primark. I lost all my upper lashes when removing the falsies and almost glued my eyes shut. – Aleksandra

Our Top 5: 


 5. “That stain would not budge”


The day of my prom I ran a massive bath, put some nice oils in it, I cover myself in moisturiser, then I put on a cute dress I'd bought. THEN - fast forward 5 or so hours & go to get ready for prom, I take the cute lil dress off and the moisturiser I covered myself in HAS MADE THE DYE OF THE DRESS LEAK ONTO MY SKIN, cue me running to the shower & trying to scrub it off, but oh my, that stain would not budge, basically went to prom half purple. - Abi 

Something always goes wrong at prom.



4. “Here's your eyebrow back”


Going through the McDonald's drive through hungover as hell.... sends my money over with my eyelash stuck to it.....felt ashamed when the fit guy handed it back to me.... funniest thing was he said "here's your eyebrow back". – No name

We've all done the walk of shame but have you done the drive through of shame?


3. “I used to shave off my eyebrows”


So, this isn't really a story but when I was 15/16 I used to shave off my eyebrows and do my makeup like this every day and it is just a terrible disaster. My brows were just the worst. Thank god for YouTube, makeup school and tons of practice.

IG: @beautybybryana

Check her Insta to see one serious glow up.

This is a better glow up than Kylie Jenner.. minus the surgery. Girl your face is perfection.


2. “My precious makeup bag with its contents dumped dead centre on the living room floor”


I left home to pick up an eyeshadow palette I had ordered from the local mall.

On my return, I am greeted with a quite unbelievable view: my precious makeup bag with its contents dumped dead centre on the living room floor.  My sister, Violet, walks around the kitchen hall. With a pout on her face and her hands on her hips she sprightly asks, "What do you think?" Bright pink outlining her lips, shadow in a pattern I have yet not ventured to apply, and bronzer and powder all over.


“I look up and see a lipstick-painted portrait of my younger sister covering a large section of a once pure white wall”


Not only do I see my overturned beauty bag, but I look up and see a lipstick-painted portrait of my younger sister covering a large section of a once pure white, satin living room wall. The only things I see clearly are open lipstick tubes scattered over the floor, shadows cracked and broken, primer half empty, brushes strewn about and a trail of powder and bronzer everywhere and nowhere.  Violet happily whispers from behind me, "Don't I look beautiful?" - Lilah

 The pain of not being a single child.



 Our Winner

1. “An ambulance came to my house”


Embarrassing beauty mistakes happen to me all the time but the worst one has to be when I was following a DIY face mask tutorial with egg white, mayonnaise, oatmeal and natural yogurt. Sounds more like a weird diet than a face mask but it works well for the youtuber. I got all the ingredients but as my mums an avid dieter she only had Hellmans extra light mayo in the fridge.

I followed all instructions and waited for the face mask to set. All seemed well until my face felt itchy- I washed off the homemade face mask and to my horror my face was swollen and red. It only got worse and 111 was called.


"On my permanent medical record it says "puts mayonnaise on face"


An ambulance came to my house and two paramedics came and one of them was sooo attractive and I was there looking like a tomato but the embarrassing thing was telling them I'd put mayo on my face. They all laughed and I could feel my face going redder. This time from embarrassment 🙈 they treated me with antihistamines as turns out I was allergic to the low fat mayonnaise now on my permanent medical record it says "puts mayonnaise on face" and the hot paramedic said he'll remember me for life-unfortunately for the wrong reasons. Don't think he'll be asking for my number any time soon 😂 - Hannah

Honestly this one won purely because nearly everyone at UC HQ kept asking if "Mayo Face" had won it. 

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  • anonymous lol

    imagine sat playing around with makeup and doing extremely overlined lips, extreme eyebrows, orange foundation, unblended bright yellow& green eyeshadow, eyeliner halfway up your forehead, then hearing a knock at the door and remembering you ordered food???‍♀️

  • estelle

    Lol sos gurl not having a hapy ending of beauty

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