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Our Top Childhood Crushes

Our Top Childhood Crushes


 From cartoons to grown ass men, bitch you are fully lying if you’re trying to claim that 11 year old you wasn’t mega crushing over the celebrity beaus of the past. There is nothing better than a PG Sex Symbol, giving us fantasies before we even knew what they were.


 Here is our collection of the top hottest childhood crushes. (Don’t get too excited.)


  1. Cook


 Skins is literally part of the initiation process for embarking into your teen years. And acting as the epitome of the classic ‘British Chav’, Cook is the one we all had our eyes on. Was it the dress sense or the deep voice… we’ll never know but we’ll all collectively always have the hots for him.

Effy babe you idiot, you made the wrong decision there.

Image result for cook skins


  1. Robbie


 Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging isn’t only the way we all learnt about how to kiss (pretty badly) and introduced us to the shocking idea of wearing thongs, but also when the dreamy Robbie graced our screens. A bit of a juxtaposition from our previous Cook, Robbie distinguishes that posh kind boy that we all wish we had the opportunity to kiss.

Image result for robbie angus yhonhs


  1. Edward Cullen


 If it never crossed your mind to run off to the Vatican in the hopes of becoming a vampire and being whisked away into the woods with Edward, then you are in denial. I would literally have dreams about that jumping around the trees scene (but obvs I’d be Bella, bye bitch). But no seriously, he can come and bite me any time he wants…

 bella swan twilight GIF


  1. Jeremy Stumper






 Do I even need to say anymore x

(apart from marry me)

 Image result for jeremy stumper peter pan

  1. Li Shang


 Okay so yeah he might not exactly be real, but if you weren’t crushing over this absolute hunk from Mulan then you blind girl. Show me that scene from ‘Be A Man’ and gag I’m woke. I’d happily join the army with my lashes and heels if it meant 'wor lad' Li would be there.

 shirtless disney GIF

  1. Blaine Anderson


  With his super cute brown eyes plus the fact that he can freaking SING, girl my knees are weak. And was it just me that cried myself to sleep about the fact he was gay so I had absolutely no chance of ever making it with him. But hey girl… don’t stop believing…

 Image result for blaine anderson

 Did you have the same tween crushes or maybe I’m just a little bit weird and totally on my own on this one. Hey if you didn’t fancy Cook you’re seriously on another planet but I guess I’ll let Li Shang slide.


 Let us know your weird childhood crushes!

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