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Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter, mascara, lip liner, lipstick. The process to getting your face boujee ready for the day can sometimes seem like a marathon… or maybe more like the Ironman Triathalon. It becomes somewhat of an armour for most girls, a way to express your artistic talents and to just have fun… but what if glitter and neons weren’t the predicted trends for the future? Does that mean experimental beauty is out the window?

When glitter turns to glow and highlight drama becomes subtle dew, this could be enough to make Anastasia scream or Jeffree yell in pain. But girl this is a trend that can be just as innovative and exciting. It’s a new way to experiment and be creative, following a palette of nudes and minute shimmers.

Here’s the top ways to experiment with the natural look:

Tinted Moisturizer

Natural Makeup Look
Ditch the foundation and opt for a more subtle coverage. Able to balance out your skin tones, tinted moisturizer can really accentuate your natural beauty instead of cover it. Dependent on your skin type, you can really experiment with the moisturisers on the market, from those with a shimmer to a matte finish, they can really become your best friend for an everyday natural look.
We recommend Chanel Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer.
Chanel Tinted Moisturiser

 Gloss Not Stick

  Gloss Lip
Lips do all the talking, but this year a bold lip isn’t on the cards for high fashion. Now we’re talking a more subtle sheen to the lip, something that allows you to do the expression, not what’s on your lips. We’re choosing to opt for a clear gloss or subtle coloured balm, nodding back to the 90's chapstick trend.
  We recommend Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson ‘The Gloss’
 Shane Dawson Gloss

 Fluff It Up

Fluffy Brow Look
Unless you’ve hidden away from the outside world, it’s clear to see that fluffy big brows are the next up and coming trend. Gone are the Instagram defined brows, and back are the Cara Delevigne statement brows. But even though they resemble a messy grown out look, these bad boys are quite hard work to do, but luckily brands are catching on and giving us some fresh new tools for achieving that full look.
 We recommend Glossier Brow Flick.
 Glossier Brow Flick
  More natural doesn’t have to mean less colour and refusal of being bold. A natural dewy look can make just as much of a statement, and requires a whole new ball game of experimenting. Try new products on the scene for a more natural everyday look.


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