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The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish

So, it’s been 3 weeks since you first came across your latest love interest. He’s the perfect catch. The tanned skin, bright blue eyes, abs to die for, chiselled chin, like somehow, every single inch of him is absolute perfection.
 I mean, that’s all you see these days, and not just in boys. The girls with the small frames yet they somehow have amazing curves and a big bum. The beautiful natural skin yet not a single blemish, bump or hair out of place.  Every single image that pops up on my feed these days is some total worldie with her amazing little fucking life and her peachy little fucking bum and big fucking titties… and then there’s me.
 Like, where do these gods even come from? Was there some crazy good gene pool that I was totally not involved in? Maybe it’s a new diet or gym plan?
Or maybe its Photoshop.
The ‘P’ word. Shushed by many but used by all, it blurs the lines between reality and virtual. Does Betty really have that peach of an arse without the large thighs?
 Honestly babe probably not. What Betty does have is Facetune and she paid for it.
 There’s nothing wrong with the matter. Hell girl if you ‘wanna’ nip in your waist or plump up dem lips then do you boo, but on this glorious day of catfishing, it seemed fit to discuss the matter. I mean, if our definition of beauty is edited, then does beautiful even exist?
 Layers of makeup followed by a digital tummy tuck and a quick filter or two is the norm these days. But hey it’s 2018! Is it finally going to mark the time where we strip back the layers and leave behind nothing but our beautiful face with a set of made to kill lashes (we couldn’t bare to lose the lashes too, that’s a bit too far for us!).
 So why don’t you embrace the natural look with us today. Turn from a catfish into a bright and beautiful rainbow fish.
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