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The Real Queens of being the 3 F's

The Real Queens of being the 3 F's

Fleeky, Flawless and Fabulous

The battle of the sexes is a hot topic in 2018, with more feminists than ever before, and more men embracing their sexuality publicly. This is being addressed head on in CBB 2018, with 'Year of the Woman'. Nevertheless what I'd love to talk about is how these stunning dudes are looking better than me!

How can they do their make-up better than I can? I'm a queen, it's in my genetics, right? Wrong! Just 'cos I've been gifted with natural feminine charm does not automatically make me a sassy, efficient makeup artist!  Then you have these amazing men who slay their make up on a daily basis just because that is what they wanna do, praise mumma. There's the likes of Jack Emory contouring the fuck outa his face with master precision, while I'm over here spending 30 minutes trying to perfect my damned eye-liner.

The struggle is real girls.

Drag queens especially, gave us some of the make-up hacks we use daily, you think Kim K is the queen of contour- bitch please! These queens were doing it long before the Kardashians came along! And forget Kylie Jenner- drag queens were over lining their lips since the dawn of divas!

Kylie Jenner legit changes her hair colour more often than I wash mine, (hangs head in shame) but it's the queens that first introduced this trend, with a new brightly coloured wig to slay at any and every occasion *snaps fingers*. So as it turns out, we owe a lot to the world of drag. 

Especially the Queen herself, Ladies and gentlemen...RU PAUL!

Ru Paul took a stand on individuality back in the late 80’s when the B-52’s introduced her in their video for Love shack. From there the self-proclaimed super model of world changed the world of drag, allowing the community to shine as bright as the motherf*cking sun.


The problem for me is time, I like to sleep in A LOT, I’m not doing a full-on face for the office everyday, it’s all about dedication and these queens have got what it takes to be fierce all year round.  I guess I will just watch as they ace it every fucking time, get inspired by them and practise practise practise. Until that day comes I’ll sit back bare faced and in awe.     Bravo queens, bravo.

Shante we all slay!

If sexism isn't dead, it should be. We're all slaying it, with fierce men and women alike.
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