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Hey Beauts, Mel Blue here....


I'm a blogger virgin so please go easy on me with this one… I talk a lot in real life (perhaps a little too much), so I'm trying to not blab on in this post - short and sweet Mel, short and sweet!

I have wanted to share for a long time my journey with Unicorn Cosmetics, of which I hope to do more of on our blog in the future. I know that you’ve always been super interested in my story and how UC has become a leading UK lash and makeup brush brand, so I know it’s about time I start telling you more!

 But, for the moment, you probably know that our Pro Range Makeup Brushes are now stocked in 320 SUPERDRUG Stores across the UK and Northern Ireland *drum roll* and we just shook up the Superdrug head office hard girl!


Last summer, we approached Superdrug with an amazing proposal with a view to having our makeup brushes stocked in-store. The whole process is actually really complicated as retailers have so many different Product Buyers (like, a Lash Buyer, a Brush Buyer, an Accessories Buyer – where does it end!?), and each range has to be approved in the first step.

ANYWAY... Fast-forward 9 months and we’re celebrating our Superdrug launch! The plan went perfectly, thank God, and the best part was Superdrug’s support throughout the whole thing – these guys rock!

It’s fairly unheard of for such a small indie brand to be given so much confidence by a big retailer, especially at the very beginning of launch. Normally, retailers will place a small order and trial the products in a small selection of stores, so when we heard the news that we’d secured a whooping 320 stores, you’ll appreciate that a whole lotta cake and prosecco was in order!!!


I always like to do things properly at UC, as you probably can tell with our extra AF packaging and sassy style. So, when it came to planning a launch event with the Superdrug team at their HQ, I wanted to make sure we gave them the best!...


… Welcome to the UC Lash Bar! Come on in, make yourselves comfortable and take a look below at what I believe is the most Instagrammable Lash Bar ever!

(This is part of something much bigger, which I will talk about really soon on the blog, but for now it’s super-secret - sorry!)


The lash bar went down a storm. We saw hundreds of Superdrug staff getting lush lashes applied by our MUA's @sum_mua and @theredkween_aj  they were ‘werk, werk, werking’ those lash looks!



My favourite part of the lash bar – say hello to William, our UC teddy bear mascot. William’s named after my late Dad, and now my Mum is totally hankering for a mini William for her living room!


William was housed in his own personalised box that was designed as part of the ‘Superdrug desk drop’, introducing the team to the UC brand and delivering his favourite UC Pro Range Brushes to staff. What a bear-babe!



It was a long busy day, but so much fun! As our FIRST ever UC event, we’re planning on so much more for 2019. That secret I mentioned earlier will be out in the open soon, and we’re excited!…


Hit me back with any question you might have beauts, and I can answer them in my next blog post.


Love Mel xx

(+ Bo + Bear my two Pomeranians often stealing the Instagram limelight)

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