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Tell me more about Unicorn Lashes? I like to know about where and who im buying from?
Unicorn Lashes was founded by Mel Blue, a Unicorn beauty obsessive. From Geordieland Newcastle Mel had always struggled to find a natural lash on the market and craved more to give the final perfect finish to her makeup for the day or evening. Unicorn lashes is proud to be based in the UK, and Mel now lives in kent with her boyfriend and two pups. Its Mels goal to take over the world with Unicorns.
 Are Unicorn Lashes sold in any other retailers?
Yes, please see our STOCKIST tab for a list of authorised retailers.
When will you be restocking the items that are sold out?
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Do you offer a PRO discount?
Yes, please see our Unicorn Pro Tab.
What Lashes do you sell?
We offer Mink and the Highest quality Faux Silk Lashes. Mink is 100% natural hair strands, lightweight and feather like in appearance giving you the most natural finish. It can be curled like natural human hair and worn up to 25 times. Our Faux Silk lashes can be worn up to 20 times.
Are your Products Vegan?
Please see our "The Vegan Unicorn" Collection for all products that are vegan friendly. Yes our Unicorn Brushes are included.
Are you Cruelty Free?
Yes, 100% natural mink hair strands which has been gently brushed or collected when minks naturally shed twice a year and sterilised so it is hypo allergenic.  Yes, we would like to stress that no harm has been done to these beautiful creatures and they are in a safe environment. We have a Synthetic Silk range available to cater for our friends who still may decide this isn't the lash for them and want other options that are still the most natural lashes available on the market here in the UK and across the world.
I'm a first time false eyelash user help?
Dont worry, we've all been there, practice and more practice wins the game. Please see our detailed instructions on how to apply Unicorn lashes, and any questions please just drop us a email and we would be happy to help.
Do the lashes come with glue?
Unfortunately not at this time, but we highly recommend you try our Eye Charm Glue!
Can I apply mascara to my Lashes?
We strongly advise not to apply mascara directly to the Mink Or Faux Mink, it can ruin the quality and limit the number of uses. Many products contain oil and can ruin the quality and shine of the Mink Fur. Its fine to apply mascara before and we recommend this. You really don't need any mascara on top after this as the lashes speak for themselves.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payment via Paypal, and Credit Cards.
My package was marked as delivered, but I have not received my package.
Sometimes USPS tracking information can be updated in advance and packages are marked as delivered before they actually arrive. Your package will most likely be delivered within a few days, but we recommend to check with your neighbors and/or post office for more information in the meantime.
I’ve been charged multiple times, what do I do?
Please confirm if you received an email confirmation via email. If you see multiple pending charges on your bank statement they will drop off your account in a few business days depending on your bank’s institution.
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What do I do if my item arrives damaged or defective?
We are so sorry about this, please email within 24 hours of receiving your order. Please provide a pictureof the damaged item with your full name and order number.