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  From double denim to Jane Norman bags, trends have pretty much controlled our lives from the minute we understood how society ran. Our intense desire to fit in but also stand out forces us to not only crave trends and stay on top of them, but catching on to them before everyone else does.

shopping budget GIF by B&M Stores Now girl, there has been some HIDEOUS trends, I guess they aren’t always the best thing to do. Whether the full Juicy Couture tracksuit teamed with a pair of Uggs was your go to, or if you preferred crimped hair with beads plaited in some strands, I think we can all collectively agree that our obsessions with the latest trends haven’t always done us the greatest of favours.

 However 2019 seemed to be a crucial turning point for the world of trends, as they started to direct us towards a more positive outlook on something that would normally drive us to our local retailer to buy as much temporary fashion fixes as possible. As a generation that speaks with their money, we love investing in things that express what we believe in, making future trends take some new turning points.

 For once, a new trend is coming to life that doesn’t need to persuade you to join in. Let me tell you gal, sustainability is the new 2020 craze, and fashion jumping in on this façade is a huge pivotal point in our planets future. With the booming fast fashion industry its crazy to even think that sustainability could be the next big fashion trend, but as more and more people become aware of the affects clothing manufacturing has on our environment, the more people are realising that sustainability is sexy as fuck.

confessions of a shopaholic shopping GIF

Like hell girl, what isn’t hot about looking like a queen whilst also saving a few polar bears. Personally I believe the saving cute fluffy animals part increases all attractiveness by at least 100%.

 So without further ado, here is our top four ways to be sustainable but sexy…



  Although you may not want to hear this, the easiest and most simplest way to be sustainable with your clothing is to just re wear what you already own. Okay, so if you’re like me and have extreme anxiety about wearing an outfit that already appears on your Instagram, then keep reading as I have some secret advice.

 The main key is to change the way you shop in the first place. Begin to invest in clothing that can be styled in various ways, therefore allowing you to achieve several different outfits all with one item. For example, a leather jacket (faux leather ofc boo) is the perfect statement piece to have in your wardrobe. Not only can it look amazing with a summer dress and doc martens, but draped over the shoulders and teamed with some leather look pants, heels and a shirt, you have yourself a date night outfit. Clothing doesn’t have to be a one time thing, by buying versatile pieces not only will you help reduce the need for clothing manufacturing, but also save some money as you won’t need to buy something new every time you go out.

 hilary duff clothes GIF


 Whether it’s Depop or charity shops, thrifting is probably the most fun way to be sustainable with fashion. The excitement of hunting down a special piece can almost be as orgasmic as biting into Ben and Jerrys Cookie Dough Ice Cream. And not only is the experience more fun than mainstream shopping, but you don’t risk the chance that someone could be wearing the same item as you. How many times have you went out in a PLT dress and seen a good five other girls wearing the same thing? You can say bye to that fear babe as thrifting means you have a one off piece that’s a fraction of the original price. Cheap, sexy and saving the world? That’s a yes from me.

 shop thrift GIF


 According to statistics, there is billions of yards of fabric deemed unsuitable just because of what it is constructed into. Got a load of dresses sat in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in years? Maybe they still have the tags on?!? We’re all culprits for it, buying items you imagine will look amazing when you lose them ten pounds, or when you have a tan, or that dress you buy in case you get invited to a wedding someday. But then they sit and sit collecting dust, until you eventually get out the bin bags and chuck them away.

 But just because you aren’t going to wear the cute lemon gown doesn’t mean you wouldn’t wear a lemon summer dress. Being creative and up cycling a garment can be so quick and easy, and can sometimes be as simple as shortening something, changing the sleeves or adding a sexier neckline. You don’t need to be a sewing wizard, but sometimes a simple needle and thread can do the trick.

video art GIF by Zita Nagy


  Despite the tricks of the trade you can learn, the number one way to have a greener and more positive approach to your wardrobe is to simply buy less. It’s hard when living in a society that impulse buys multiple times a day, but changing your shopping habits can not only help the environment, but have positives effects for you as well.

 Try investing in one off pieces that will not only last you longer than any Primark top could, but will probably also be something you treasure a lot more. Find some ethical brands that represent something you believe in and aspire to work towards, and you will find yourself loving the clothing you wear more than you ever have before. You will be left with wardrobe full of versatile items that can be easily put together into outfits you love any feel confident in, avoiding the whole panic buy scenario before every event.

Animated GIF


Sustainable shopping can seem so daunting, but for the first time ever it as seen as trendy and the ‘cool’ thing to do, meaning it’s the best time to get involved. Every company is doing the best they can to contribute as much positivity to the environment as possible, which is amazing for the everyday shopper to be a more conscious and educated buyer, buying things that will last and look good.


 So moral of the story girls is to stay sexy and be sustainable.

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