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From lengthy lashes to them days where the glue just won’t stick, the minutes between applying your lashes and finishing the look can sometimes be the deal breaker. Girl you’re telling porky pies if you haven’t had a tantrum before in front of a mirror trying to apply lashes.  I’ve had many a night where the ‘night out’ hasn’t occurred due to a battle with the dreaded lashes and glue.

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 Well babes, lucky for you we’ve prepared a step by step guide to slay the lash game. For the budding lash enthusiast, it can take some preparation work to master the art of the lash, but with these simple easy steps you’ll be a pro in no time. With top tips from your girl boss Mel Blue and the offices queens Becky and  MUA Summer, lash tantrums will be a thing of the past.


Step One: The Preparation

  First things you, you wanna grab your go to lash tools to equip you to complete the mission successfully. Of course you’ll be needing a set of killer lashes, we have selected the ultimate gal ‘Stormy’. Asides from the obvious however, you will need a pair of lash curlers, you’re ‘Stick It On Her’ to apply your lashes with ease, lash glue and scissors.

  Prep your lashes by curling them and adding some mascara. This will help your natural lashes to blend into your sexy new additions.



Step Two: Tailoring

  Just like anything you wear, you want to make sure it fits. So tailoring your lashes as you would a dress or blazer is just as important. You gotta make sure the glass slipper fit girl.


 Carefully peel off your lashes from their tray, and using your ‘Stick It On Her’ hold the lash against your eye. You want to make sure the strip lash is as close to your natural lash placement as possible, however avoid being too close to your inner eye. We recommend trimming a little shorter to avoid any irritation. Cut off the desired amount to leave you with some perfectly tailored lashes fit for a princess (or a badass).


PRO TIP: For a more cat eye effect cut a few chunks of the lash to create a winged effect.


 Step Three: Let The Battle Commence

  Okay, so you’re fully equipped, you have a perfectly measured pair of lashes, now there’s only one thing left to do… apply the glue.

  Trace the lash band with the glue wand, applying an even layer of glue from tip to tip (we of course use our fave ‘Eye Charm Glue’). For extra hold place a little more glue in your inner corner or even carefully place some glue on your eyeliner to make sure that girl won't budge.

 Allow the glue to rest for no longer than a minute, while you mentally prepare yourself for the finale. We all know the concentration, the ‘hold the breath’ stance and goldfish mouth, but girl, we promise you got this. As the glue becomes tacky, hold the lash with your ‘Stick It On Her’ and place your lash in the centre of your eye first, then take your two outer edges and stick them down. And bitch you’ve bliddy done it.

  Enjoy your celebratory moment and grabbing a fan for a Beyoncé dance coz this independent woman can apply her lashes in two minutes with zero mental breakdowns! Hell yeah!

 Once you’re feeling all good and sturdy in lash department, take your ‘Stick It On Her’ to press dress gently on the lash band and adjust any of the lashes to blend them in perfectly with your own.

  And voila! Not only are you looking sexy as hell but you’re a badass that can now apply her lashes in less than five minutes! Bye bye tantrums, hello luscious lashes!

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